Man’s best friend

Since adopting our dogs, I’ve become a major softy for animals.  My heart wants to take care of every homeless or needy animal I see.  So my husband has to remind me how impractical that idea really is.  Someday I think I’ll volunteer at an animal shelter/rescue.

I started thinking today about why I love my dogs so much, even though they are major pains in the butt sometimes.  I realized it’s the unconditional love thing.

I have a deeply ingrained belief that I am unworthy of love, unless I do enough for someone that I become worth something.  This is a messed up and unhealthy pattern of thought, I know.  So the great thing about dogs is that they love me, value me, adore me every day.  They don’t care what I look like, or if I’ve accomplished enough, and if I mess up, they forgive me so quickly.  I think it does my heart good to have a stable/dependable relationship in my life.

Since I can’t adopt all the sweet dogs out there needing homes, I’ll just have to do my best to encourage others.  Loving an animal is worth the hard work, because they will love you, too.

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What’s cookin’ good lookin’

This is what I’m making for dinner this week; let me know if you want recipes.


  • Baked egg cups + cut up fruit
  • Chicken Mexicali salad
  • Homemade pizza, use more veggies, less cheese
  • Broccoli cheese chicken + baked potatoes
  • Saucy pork chops + green beans
  • Chicken cacciatore + rice + veggie

Prep/Thinking ahead:

(For Baked egg cups + cut up fruit)

  • Slice green onions
  • Grate Parmesan cheese

(For Chicken Mexicali salad)

  • Wash and tear up lettuce
  • Cut up tomatoes
  • Make sure chicken is thawed

(For Homemade pizza)

  • Grate cheese
  • Cut up pizza toppings

(For Broccoli-cheese chicken)

  • Wash potatoes and wrap in foil
  • Start cooking potatoes early
  • Wash and cut up broccoli
  • Cut up chicken

(For saucy pork chops)

  • Make sure pork chops are thawed
  • Mix sauce ahead of time

(For Chicken cacciatore)

  • Start cooking early
  • Prep vegetable
  • Start rice ½ hour early

And make sure to check my family cookbook blog where I am adding recipes little by little.

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Portraits in the Leaves

and just for good measure….

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Art Critiques

For my drawing class, we were assigned to do a self portrait with some adjustments to make it Halloween-ish.  I took a photo of myself to begin with.

Then I did my drawing in charcoal pencils.  I was pretty happy with it.

But after Ben’s critiques, it made it even better!  I’m really enjoying drawing.  I’m definitely no pro, but I can tell I’m getting better.  Art is such food for the soul.

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Happy Birthday, Canon

This was taken on Canon’s birthday.  The kids wanted to show off their Halloween costumes to the family visiting.  I love my four kiddos.

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