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Photo lesson in the rain

Slower shutter speed makes the rain look like fireworks, faster makes it look like snow. And the faster shutter speed doesn’t let in as much light. My wet corkscrew willow tree. My Tyler hiding from the rain. Rain makes things … Continue reading

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Hey, I just learned something new. “Photographic film records light as it actually is. Your eye/brain, however, will always correct light back to “normal”. Your brain is constantly compensating. That is … if you are inside a place that is … Continue reading

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Some Autumn Air

It’s a new day for our family.  We have moved into a new house in Davis County with lots of room for our kids to grow.  It’s not set up with furniture or painted yet, but I think it’s beautiful; … Continue reading

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Show and Tell

Spent some of my quiet time tonight updating my website with new pictures I’ve taken. See my logo there on the sidebar?  Click on over and see the happy faces that I picked up and put into my camera.  If … Continue reading

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