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Silver pool of light

Two lyrics that make me happy: “Everything around her is a silver pool of light.” “We were free like water, flowing down into the warmth of the sun.” Even if you’re not susceptible to depression, like me, I think all … Continue reading

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Saw this adorable video from Britain’s Got Talent.  Check it out if you’ve got a minute.

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Eat the charms, then the luckies

This is my binky-faced baby.  She is only just discovering the fun of being outdoors.  She loves to swing on the swing set and today she loved seeing her siblings fly kites. So fun that Grandma Kim and Grandpa Boyd … Continue reading

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Capture Joy

Canon and Keller worked together on their chores today.  Granted, they weren’t the chores I had asked them to do, but they were working, and they were getting along. Taesya played with Jovie for at least a half and hour, … Continue reading

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Time Warp

I’ve been wanting to do something about the giant box of CDs that sits at the top of our closet.  Ben says I should put it all on iTunes, but really, I’m not ready to get rid of the CDs. … Continue reading

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