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Man’s best friend

Since adopting our dogs, I’ve become a major softy for animals.  My heart wants to take care of every homeless or needy animal I see.  So my husband has to remind me how impractical that idea really is.  Someday I … Continue reading

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I may or I may not

I don’t know when it happened exactly, but my life got really busy.  I signed Keller up for a preschool a few months ago and that added four car trips to my week.  Then I began a photography class and … Continue reading

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Captured Joy

I used to record a piece of joy or gratitude every day, and I have slacked off in a major way.  But I do have a couple days to share.  I’m trying to notice the little things…. On Friday, I … Continue reading

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Eat the charms, then the luckies

This is my binky-faced baby.  She is only just discovering the fun of being outdoors.  She loves to swing on the swing set and today she loved seeing her siblings fly kites. So fun that Grandma Kim and Grandpa Boyd … Continue reading

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When I need something just for me:

Prepare dishes from the family cookbook and photograph them when there is plenty of daylight. Write a blog entry, or jot down thoughts for later. Take pictures, post pictures, or scout potential great locations. Scan greeting cards that I’ve saved over … Continue reading

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