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The Mountain

I did a scary, difficult thing this week, and I want to share it with you.  9 years ago, I married a guy who really loved snowboarding and I resolved that I would one day be up on a mountain … Continue reading

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Good Cauliflower

This recipe was eaten by all of my children, and Taesya even asked for thirds.  We got garlic breath, but Ben says it’s “not as bad when the whole family has it.”  Want to know the benefits of cauliflower, click … Continue reading

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I am super sore.  Also, I am whiney, moaning, and all around being a really big baby.  I worked out Wednesday night for a tiny little half hour with a small red-haired personal trainer named Phil.  Who woulda thunk that … Continue reading

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Earned Exhaustion

(Title courtesy of Nicki Preece.  From forever ago.) I am – almost limp – from the amount of work I have done today.  (You can’t tell me that housework and childcare isn’t exercise!)  But I’m dang proud of myself.  The … Continue reading

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Monthly Grump

Dear All men in the entire world, The fact that women have periods, is really enough of a reason to treat every woman you know with kindness and compassion.  You wonder why men are always buying the flowers, opening the … Continue reading

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