I’m Amber.  I spill my brain out onto this blog; but I spill it less randomly than I do in my journal.  I am a wife, a mother, a Mormon, a dog-lover — and I’m figuring out what else I’d like to be.

This here’s my crew:

Ben, who I married, during one of my smarter moments in life

Taesya, our lovely 8-yr-old daughter

Quirky little Canon, (Age 6)

Sweet Keller boy is 4,

and Jovie is two.

My kiddos are my life and yes, they are a lot of work.  But luckily, they love me more than I can believe and we get through each day.  My husband is the super hero of our family and I love him so much.

These are our dogs.  Lacey (shepherd mix) is three years old, and Tyler (labradoodle) is 2.  The kids mostly ignore them, but Ben and I love them to pieces.

I love writing, photography, theater, and music.  I love my life, too, because somewhere between the craziness and the mess, I laugh.  And nothin’ beats loves from your fam.

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