Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’

As a reviewer for the Utah Theatre Bloggers, I attended the impressive production of Big River at Hale Center Theatre Orem.  Ben and I had a great evening in Provo/Orem: eating out, talking and laughing.  Sitting down to write up my thoughts the next day, though, was not as enjoyable.  I followed my pattern, the steps that I usually do, but I couldn’t get into the flow of writing; I was blocked.  I felt super tense, stressed.  And I think it was due in part to my absence from writing.  In the UTBA, we are expected to submit our reviews within 48 hours, which is a reasonable amount of pressure, I believe.  But this time it loomed over me like a guillotine; I didn’t meet my deadline.

Where has writing gone, in my list of skills?  I used to blog.  I even used to write two blogs.  I’m in school right now, which usually helps, but I’m taking art classes which require zero writing.  I feel like I’m getting rusty, where I used to express myself with ease.  My thoughts have been condensed into Facebook posts and Instagram quips.  I need to exercise my writing muscles again, and become stronger.

So somehow, some way, I am going to blog again.  I don’t particularly have a direction I’d like to go, and it’s doubtful that anyone follows this sad little puppy anymore.  But write I shall.

I leave you with these (not very terrific, and I’m not even going to edit them properly) photos.  Just to prove that I and my family are indeed still living.  Insert smiley face.

Canon Four Jovie Kel Lion

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2 Responses to Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’

  1. Miss Megan says:

    I’m still reading! I whole-heartedly approve of breaks; I hope you are enjoying your real life and do not let guilt bog you down. It’s ok to just experience without feeling like you have to document every single thing! *Hug*

  2. Jessica says:

    I think you are awesome. I hope you keep blogging. It’s like riding a bike… it might take a minute but you’ll pick it right up again.