What’s cookin’ good lookin’

This is what I’m making for dinner this week; let me know if you want recipes.


  • Baked egg cups + cut up fruit
  • Chicken Mexicali salad
  • Homemade pizza, use more veggies, less cheese
  • Broccoli cheese chicken + baked potatoes
  • Saucy pork chops + green beans
  • Chicken cacciatore + rice + veggie

Prep/Thinking ahead:

(For Baked egg cups + cut up fruit)

  • Slice green onions
  • Grate Parmesan cheese

(For Chicken Mexicali salad)

  • Wash and tear up lettuce
  • Cut up tomatoes
  • Make sure chicken is thawed

(For Homemade pizza)

  • Grate cheese
  • Cut up pizza toppings

(For Broccoli-cheese chicken)

  • Wash potatoes and wrap in foil
  • Start cooking potatoes early
  • Wash and cut up broccoli
  • Cut up chicken

(For saucy pork chops)

  • Make sure pork chops are thawed
  • Mix sauce ahead of time

(For Chicken cacciatore)

  • Start cooking early
  • Prep vegetable
  • Start rice ½ hour early

And make sure to check my family cookbook blog where I am adding recipes little by little.

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I'm a mom of four young kiddos, and basically I just figure things out as I go.
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