Tiny Humans

I measured my kids today:

  • Taesya is 4′ 2” and 59 lb.
  • With blonde hair and green eyes
  • She is right-handed
  • Canon is 3′ 11″ and 49 lbs
  • With blonde hair and grey/blue eyes
  • He throws left-handed but uses his right to write
  • Keller is 3′ 6.5″ and 44 lbs
  • With light brown hair and blue eyes
  • He is right-handed so far
  • Jovie is 2′ 10″ and 29 lbs
  • With light brown hair and grey eyes
  • She colors and eats with either hand

(In case you’re curious, Ben is strawberry blonde with blue eyes, I have brown hair and green eyes; we are both right-handed.)

Keller (4)

Taesya (8)

Canon (6)

Jovie (2)

Canon, Keller, and Taesya

Daddy and Canon playing catch

Canon’s “mask”




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I'm a mom of four young kiddos, and basically I just figure things out as I go.
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One Response to Tiny Humans

  1. Marciea Casselman says:

    Your kids are adorable. I love the picture of Jovie wrapped in the blanket. She looks amazing there.